Can I bring my whole family to your office?

We are a Family Practice Office that treats patients from age 2 and older. For adults, we can treat all primary care needs. However, for routine visits and immunizations, we recommend a pediatrician for children younger than 16 years old.

I have high deductible plan. How can I save money, using Reagan Medical?

If you have a high deductible plan, please let the front office know at the time of check-in. You may qualify for significant savings, if you pay at the time of service.

My Urgent Care or Emergency Room visit costs are much higher; will I be charged that amount?

We do not bill you or the insurance company as Urgent Care. This means, you pay just the regular office visit co-pay, not the “Urgent care co-pay.”

Who are your providers? What are their credentials?

Our team includes Physicians, Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NP). All of our providers are highly qualified and skilled with extensive training and experience in their fields. You may get more information about any provider by clicking his or her photo on our website.

I need to get in touch with my provider/nurse as soon as possible? What should I do?

If this is a life threatening emergency, please call 911.

During Office hours: For all urgent (not life threatening) messages, please call our office at 678-344-8700, Option 3 and leave a detailed message. Alternatively, you may email us at nurse@rmc.md or “Submit request online” under “contact us” at our website. Someone will call you back the same day.

After hours: Call our office at 678-344-8700, Option 0 and someone will call you back.

Billing /Insurances

Which insurance do you accept?

We participate with most insurance plans and will file your insurance for reimbursement. Please make sure you have accurate and the most current information of your Health Insurance plan.

Even when we file your insurance, you are still responsible for all co-payments, which are expected at the time of service. For your convenience, we accept cash and credit cards. If we are unable to confirm your insurance or coverage, we will charge you for the visit as self-pay. But once the coverage is verified, we will issue a refund.

Here is the Click here for the partial list of Health Insurance Plans that we accept. If you do not see your insurance provider below, please call the office.

What if I have questions about a bill I received from Reagan Medical?

If you need to contact us for any billing issue, please contact us and someone from our office will get in touch with you in 48 hours.

To contact us, go to “contact us” at our website and “Submit” the request online or email us at billing@rmc.md. You may also text us at 678-538-6267 or call us at 678-344-8700, Option 6. Please leave a detailed message for a quick and accurate response.

How can I pay my bill to Reagan Medical?

If may use the secure “Pay Online” at our website. Alternatively, you may email paymybill@rmc.md, text 678-774-7258 or call us at 678-344-8700, option 1

Office Visits

Can I see the same provider every time I visit the office?

Most of our providers work fixed days at fixed locations. This makes it easy to schedule an appointment that day, at that office. As a walk-in, you may have to wait to see a specific provider if he/she has a completely booked schedule. In that case, the office may need to incorporate you between existing appointments.

Do I have to make an appointment every time I come for an office visit, or will I be able to see a provider as a walk-in?

Although an appointment is preferred, you may see the provider of your choice. As a walk-in, however, you may encounter waiting time since walk-in patients are strictly on a “first come, first served” basis.

How long will it take to make an appointment?

Same-day appointments are available at most offices. If you wish to come as a walk-in, you may visit any location at any time.

Why do I see some patients who come in after me, get called in to see the health provider before me?

In our office, at any given time, we may have a different group of patients waiting for different services (e.g. seeing a provider for an office visit, blood drawn only, or for heart ultrasound, etc). That patient might be in a different group than what you came for, and that is the reason they are called in first, or are called in at a different pace.

Diagnostic Center

Why should I choose your Imaging Center?

For simple reasons like Affordable Prices, state-of-the-art equipment, Excellent Service, Qualified Providers & Friendly Staff!

Can I still get a test at your Imaging Center even if I have my own primary care physician??

Yes, you certainly can get a test done if you have your own primary care. Simply bring the physician order with you that describes the test for the diagnosis. This will help our office get an approval from your insurance company. If your physician sends us the order earlier, we can get the test approved from your insurance company before you schedule your appointment.

I don’t have insurance. Can I still have a test done at your center?

Of course! If you have other primary care, bring the order with you. If you don’t have primary care, you may see one of our providers and they can guide you as to whether or not you really need the test, or determine which test would be most beneficial. This can also be cost effective and provide better information about your health.

I need to have a test done. How soon can I get an appointment?

If an insurance company is involved, we have to wait for the test to be approved, which in certain situations; can take 2 – 7 days. Once we receive approval from your insurance company, all appointments are made as soon as possible.


If you have insurance, and testing needs to be done immediately (STAT) our office staff will attempt to get a prompt approval so that we can do the test immediately.

If you have no insurance, or you are paying for your test and the test is “STAT,” in most situations, we can do the test immediately.

Certain tests (e.g. Breast Mammogram, Bone Density test, etc.) that do not need insurance approval can be done the same day of your office visit without an additional office visit, or on any day of your choice.

Can I get a test done on a weekend?

It depends on the type of test you need. Certain tests can be done on any day, at any time when our office is open (e.g. Bone Density, X-rays, ECG, etc.). Routine tests are generally only done during scheduled times on weekdays. However, our staff has been known to come in early or to stay late for a patient if he or she is unable to arrange an appointment during the regular scheduled hours. In rare situations, if there is a “STAT” test that cannot wait, we have technicians on call that are able to come to the office and administer the test for the patient.

I get anxious during certain tests; how can I make this experience better?

We use state-of-the-art equipment with the most current technology. Keeping our patients in mind, we do our utmost to ensure your comfort so that you can have the best experience possible. If you are anxious about a particular way a test is done, or feel nervous about the equipment to be used, you are welcome to visit us to learn about our facility beforehand in order to become more familiar with it. Or, you may qualify for medication that will help reduce your symptoms. In this case, please let our staff know before making an appointment, so that they can arrange for the proper medication that may help reduce your anxiety and nervousness during the test.

I have heard that you can watch movies during MRI at your Center. Is this true?

Yes! We have a special audio-visual system which can be used during an MRI/MRA. We have numerous DVDs to choose from, or you may bring your own, if you wish to. However, this system cannot be used if you are having a test done on your head or neck because it can interfere with the test.


I have a limited income; will your office save me money?

We are dedicated to providing “Quality Care at an Affordable Price.” We try to keep our prices reasonable in every possible way. You may visit our Cost Comparison page to review some of our tests costs as compared to our local competitors’. We can also offer payment plans for those patients who qualify.


Will my insurance cover my physical?

Coverage of routine and preventive exams varies with each insurance plan. You may check with your insurance company to verify your benefits before the physical is performed. Certain insurance companies have limited coverage for preventive tests and exams and how frequently they can be performed.

Who should get a physical?

Although anyone can get a physical at any age, depending on your age group, you may be eligible for only certain tests at a specified time. Young adults only need limited exams, while older individuals may need extra bloodwork, tests, or other investigation. All physicals need to be tailored to the age group, risk factors, family history, and medical history of each patient. Speak to one of our providers in order to learn what would be best for you.

What is included in a physical?

Our physicals generally include basic blood tests for: thyroid/prostate, blood count, kidney, liver, glucose and electrolyte levels, cholesterol panel, etc.; physical exams by the provider; EKG for your heart; and a chest X-ray. Some additional tests may be needed and are based solely on individual needs.


What do I need to do to request a refill?

For faster response, you may go to “contact us” at our website and “Submit request online”. Alternatively, you may email at labs@rmc.md,text at 678-866-1674 or leave a detailed message us at 678-344-8700, Option 4.
(Please do not have your pharmacy request refills on your behalf).

How long does it take for my prescriptions to be refilled after my refill request?

Please allow 48–72 hours for your regular prescription refills. It may take a little longer on weekends and holidays. If you need your medication urgently for a life-threatening condition (e.g. blood pressure, heart, etc.), please contact “Urgent Nurse Message” which will be attended to by the end of the day.
A prescription may be denied if you have not seen us recently, or if blood work is needed for monitoring.

How long can I get refills without seeing a provider?

We prefer seeing our patients at least every six months depending on your health grades. This helps us ensure that you are up-to-date on all your health issues, and helps us to monitor your progress.
For all new prescriptions, patients need to be seen in our office by one of our providers.

Do you prescribe refills for controlled substances?

No. Due to the nature of these medications, we are unable to refill any controlled substance unless the patient sees one of our providers at the office.

Lab Results

How will I know about my lab results? Will I have to make a special office visit to get my results?

In most situations, lab results are available in 5-7 business days. Once the results are available to your provider, they are reviewed and sent to the nurse with comments. This information is then communicated to you via email, text or call. If you need to talk to your provider, feel free to make an appointment. The nurse will also let you know if your provider has made any changes in your treatment plan. This includes scheduling more tests, changes in dose of medications, or the necessity to start any new meds. If needed, the nurse will also send your new prescriptions to the pharmacy. In certain situations, you may be asked to make an appointment for a follow-up visit with a provider to discuss your lab results in detail.

How can I get a copy of my labs?

Your lab results are available on our secure patient portal via the website. If you do not have access to internet, you may request a printed copy of your lab reports from the nurse.

For faster response, you may go to “contact us” at our website and “Submit request online” email us at labs@rmc.md. You may also text us at 678-866-1673 or call us at 678-344-8700, Option 4, to leave a detailed message.

I got a message from the nurse and have questions about the labs/results. How do I get in touch with the nurse?

For faster response, you may text us at 678-810-5566 or you may call us at 678-344-8700, Option 4 to leave a detailed message.

After Hours

What if I need to get in touch with someone after the office is closed?

For any life threatening situation, please call 911. For non-emergency situations, someone is always on call after our office is closed. Please call our office at 678-344-8700, Option 0 and someone will call you back.

Do you call in “narcotics” after hours?

Due to the nature of these medications and DEA regulations, we are not able to call in narcotics after hours.

Medical Records

I am new to this area. Can I visit your office for the first time without medical records?

Although we will see you for your first office visit without your records, it is always advisable to have them transferred to our practice, especially if you have multiple medical issues, or if any tests have been done within the last year. This can help our providers make an informed decision.

Although we will see you for your first office visit without your records, it is always advisable to have them transferred to our practice, especially if you have multiple medical issues, or if any tests have been done within the last year. This can help our providers make an informed decision.

To request that your medical records be released to RMC, please go to “patient forms” on our website www.rmc.md. You may “Fill Form” online and print the form to bring it to the office or fax to: 678-649-2083.

For Inquiries only: Call 678-344-8700, option 5 or email us at medicalrecord@rmc.md


A specialist has been recommended to me, and I need a referral. Whom should I contact?

If the provider establishes that you need to see a specialist, in most cases, they will print you a referral and the office will guide you through the steps.

You may also submit your request through our website www.rmc.md under “patient forms” to referral coordinator. Here you can “Submit request online”. Alternatively, you may print the form to bring it to the office or fax to: 678-649-2083.

How long does it take for the office to complete a referral?

For most insurance providers, it can take up to 7 days to get a referral approved. Please do not schedule your appointment until the referral is in place.

For Inquiries only: . Call 678-344-8700, option 7 or Text us at 678-866-1673 or email us at referral@rmc.md

Hospital Stay

If I were ever admitted to the hospital, would one of Reagan’s providers be able to see me there?

Although we have privileges at all nearby hospitals, our practice is out-patient only. Our goal is to keep you out of the hospital. If for some reason, you need to visit or stay at a hospital, the hospitalists will take care of you during your stay. Once you are discharged, we can obtain your records, manage your care, and monitor you as needed.