In Loving Memory of Dr. Sean Herrin, M.D.

Dr. Herrin always said that it has always been his privilege to take care of each of his patients. “I treat every patient I see just has I would want my wife, Kim, or my daughters, Megan and Courtney, to be cared for.”

You’ll never be forgotten and will always be loved by your Reagan Medical Family.


Need Weekend Appointments?

Now we are taking appointments for the weekend at our Suwanee location. So call and make your appointment today or just walk in!

New Suwanee Location

This fall, Reagan Medical extended its locations to add Suwanee to its list.  We are even taking weekend appointments at this location. So if you live nearby, please visit us if you need any refills, minor care or even an annual physical.

New 2nd Lawrenceville Location

This summer we added another location in Lawrenceville on Grayson Highway. This location has John Turner as the primary provider. He has been in practice for the last 30 years or more. He has seen it all! This office is not open on weekends at this time.